Emoumie is a film and music production company with a spirit optimistic about re-imagining and re-imaging life and reality. What keeps us going is the uncovering of the possibilities in narrativity, image and sound.

Currently based in Singapore, we are made up of Emoumie Pictures & Emoumie Sounds. Emoumie Pictures focuses on the production of narrative and documentary films. Emoumie Sounds focuses on music compositions for film, performance and cultural productions. 

Working between and with different forms, we produce cinematic and sonic works driven by a hope for new encounters in image and sound.


Mark Chua and Lam Li Shuen are filmmakers and musicians based in Singapore whose work explores the possibilities of resistance in the presentation and production of narrativity. Their directorial work with Emoumie includes independent narrative and documentary films, shot in Asia, Australasia and Europe. As part of their work with the moving image and sonic art, the duo has also presented works and performances in sound and film in Iceland, Japan, Australia and Singapore.

In 2018, their debut experimental feature Cannonball premiered at the Singapore International Film Festival. In 2017, Being, As a Horse, their narrative short, was screened at the Freedom Film Festival (Singapore). The film was also previously screened at the National Museum of Singapore under the 13th Singapore Short Cuts programme.

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